May 13, 2023

Fred Mill launches luxury mobility equipment business with “modern and stylish” commode chair • THIIS Magazine

Mobility equipment supplier Fred Mill has launched into the UK market with an aim to target house-proud customers after better-looking products.

Its launch product is a luxury commode chair but the supplier has promised that more releases will be coming out soon, including a range of grab rails and shower seats.

Fred Mill was created after Freddie Tomblin saw a family member complain about the lack of good-looking commode chairs available on the market. To them, everything looked too clinical, and nothing seemed to blend in with the furniture they loved.

This inspired him to partner with a group of occupational therapists to design a new kind of commode chair that combines all the essential functionality with best-in-class design.

Its mission is to re-design core mobility equipment for house-proud customers. While the firm is launching the brand with its Signature Commode Chair, it plans to release a range of shower seats and grab rails over the next 12-18 months.

Fred Mill's Signature Commode Chair is designed to look like a modern and stylish armchair. Available in a range of colours and sizes, the product is designed to blend in almost anywhere.

To ensure the product has rock-solid functionality alongside its best-in-class design, the firm has partnered with leading occupational therapists such as the OT Service.

Freddie Tomblin, Founder and Business Development Director, commented: "To help manage social stigma, improve the experience of using and buying in-house mobility equipment, and promote independent living we need to offer customers mobility furniture that doesn't hospitalise their homes.

"Our focus is to re-design core mobility equipment so our customers can continue living independently, with confidence, and in style."

Fred Mill is actively looking to partner with retailers and distributors across the UK who understand its distinctive vision. To find out more call 07962252959 or email [email protected].