Apr 03, 2023

VIDEO: Rollz Mobility's Parkinson’s rollator wins 'Best New Product' award at The OT Show • THIIS Magazine

Mobility equipment manufacturer Rollz Mobility UK has announced that the company's Parkinson's rollator was voted by this year's OT Show visitors the ‘Best New Product’ of the exhibition.

The rollator was designed to be used in treatments of specific neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease or Multiple Sclerosis, by overcoming symptoms of freezing or festinating gait patterns.

Rollz’ Parkinson's rollator, called the Rollz Motion Rhythm, is equipped with sound, vibration and laser cues, that can be combined in different ways to perfectly fit different needs. The cues can all be adjusted as required on the rollator itself or via an app on a smart phone.

Richard Zwart, COO at Rollz International, said: "Of all the products on the OT Show, our Rollz Motion Rhythm rollator designed for people with Parkinson's disease was voted the ‘Best New Product’. This is yet another acknowledgment of a great teamwork from everyone at Rollz.

"Many thanks to the show visitors who voted for us. This award shows that our treatment solutions for people with specific neurological conditions align with company's mission to enable an independent life".

A case study conducted by The OT Service and other recent research shows in-depth clinical justification for this rollator and its benefits in Parkinson's use.

Recent research conducted by the research group Assistive Technology for Mobility and Sports and Expert Centre Human Movement Technology from The Hague University of Applied Sciences, it shows that 80 per cent of the Parkinson's patients who participated in the research benefited from using Rollz's Parkinson's walker with different cues.

Rollz Mobility UK is the exclusive distributor for all Rollz and Saljol rollators in the UK. It is is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rollz International, a Dutch company that designs and develops innovative mobility products. Best known for introducing the first rollator-wheelchair combination to the mobility market, Rollz walkers are distributed in the UK by Rollz Mobility UK.

Last year the firm launched a rollator featuring softer tyres that provide optimal cushioning for comfortable walking, as well as more colour choice.

The firm is best known for introducing the first rollator-wheelchair combination to the mobility market, and it now also has a Parkinson's rollator. The firm's research had found that auditory, visual and tactile cues can help break the freeze of gait seen in people living with Parkinson's.

See below for a video Rollz produced on how these cues on the Rollz Motion Rhythm rollator helped someone living with Parkinson's disease step out of a freezing of gait episode.