May 26, 2023

6 Simple DIY Home Improvements for Emergency Extra Care​

​Building a wooden wheelchair ramp can be a major undertaking that requires permits and hours of labor. If you need to quickly install a ramp to access the front door with a wheelchair or walker, an aluminum ramp is good alternative. ​

​"They are great for emergencies," Clason says. "They go up fast and are super stable."​

​You can often rent aluminum ramps and, depending on local building codes, you may not need a permit to install one, since it's not a permanent structure. That also means the ramp can be easily folded up and returned when it's no longer needed.​

​Loud knows that installing a stair lift chair is the safest way for her to go from her home's main floor to the second story, and she's vetting contractors to install the device. ​

​"It's not as expensive as you might think," she says.​

​The simple construction project can also prolong your ability to age in an existing home. ​

​"Chair lifts … are another option to maintain the independence of people who cannot climb stairs and do not wish or cannot convert a first-floor room into a bedroom," Volpi says. "The ability to age in place is the goal when making your home safer and more accessible."​

Melissa Rayworth is a contributing writer whose work has been published by media outlets including the Associated Press. She is also a communications consultant working with foundations and nonprofits.


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