May 30, 2023

Idaho's Most Expensive Home For Sale Costs an Incredible $28.5M

Move over Steve Wynn. There's a new most expensive listing in Idaho and it's full of unique features!

Yes, we name-dropped the casino mogul because from December until mid-May, his 11-bedroom retreat in Ketchum was the most expensive property on the market in the Gem State. With an asking price of $27,000,000, it's been on the market since just before Christmas 2022. estimates that whoever purchases that home would be looking at a $168,346 monthly payment after they pay a 20% down payment and closing costs.

Wynn's property is no longer the most expensive property on the market! On May 20, 649 Migratory Ride Way in McCall hit the market for a jaw-dropping $28,500,000. The 13,232 square foot home sits on a 3.06-acre lot about 10 minutes outside of Downtown McCall. It was completed sometime in 2022.

Outside of Aaron Paul, McCall's not exactly a destination where you’d find the Hollywood elite or business moguls. They tend to gravitate toward the Sun Valley area like Wynn did or Gozzer Ranch, which has been a hot spot for celebrity vacations over the last few years. So who does this home belong to?

It's hard to say, but a trail of public records seems to indicate that the parcel it's located on is owned by a trust set up for William Robert Bradley, a co-owner of Metabolife International. Bradley's name might not sound familiar, but you probably Metabolife and its legal troubles. Products that contained ephedra. Tax evasion. The Metabolife name was in the news for quite some time in the mid-2000s.

As for the house itself? We stumbled across the Facebook page for Pinetop Custom Homes, the McCall-based builder who brought this thing to life. They have some REALLY cool images of the home's progress from 2021 to its completion on that page! You can click HERE to check them out. Below are some photos of what the home looks like today!